The Memorable Characters of GTA Vice City


You may have played a lot of games in action adventure genre but finding another that can match GTA Vice City is incredibly hard! It is said to be the best among all the GTA games ever made by Rockstar. Many elements contributed to the mammoth success of Vice city including tightly laid plot, amazing retro 180s visuals, excellent voice acting by lead actors, and enhanced AI. However, the characters depicted in the game also made the players enticed.

The Characters In Vice City That Leave Impression On Mind

Listed here are the prominent characters depicted in the Vice City:

Tommy Vercetti

Love him or hate him, you will find it hard to ignore the character of Tommy Vercetti in Vice City! He has links with the mafia gangs and underworld and that becomes clear at the starting of the game. He is complex and has many layers in mind. After getting released from prison, Tommy gets embroiled in new criminal activities and gets into a new phase. His rise to become the leader of Vice City underworld is engaging. His equations with his mentor Sonny Forelli and other criminal characters keep changing.

Lance Vance

A drug dealer with links to the Vice City underworld, Lance assists Tommy in some of the missions. However, their equation changes later. He becomes a rival and eventually gets eliminated by Tommy. Though he appears cool, Lance has an impulsive trait.

Sonny Forelli

The leader of Forelli crime family, Sonny plays the antagonist camouflaging as mentor of Tommy in the game with aplomb. Belonging to a powerful and rich mafia family, he is an influential person too. He is involved in shady activities like gambling and narcotics. He turns against Tommy at the end of the game and gets eliminated.

Colonel Juan García Cortez

He is a character who remains on good terms with Tommy till the very end. In fact, he is the person who gives Tommy some important missions. He does have some dark shades but manages to come out clean. A widower with a pretty daughter, the Colonel leads a lavish life. Tommy helps him escape the scrutiny of the French authorities.

Ricardo Diaz

He is a character with strong links to the underworld. He is pitted against Tommy and plays a major role in the ambush at the beginning of the game.

Ken Rosenberg

This Neurotic lawyer is a tad funny though he is not clean in nature. He helps Tommy stay away from the cops.

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