The Cutest Skins You Can Use In Fortnite


It is quite amazing to think how Fortnite has captured the heart of battle royale genre loving gamers within a short time span. The main challenger to PUBG, Fortnite now has billions of fans, from diverse age groups, worldwide. The developers enhance the core game by adding new mods and enticing weekly challenges. These enhancements have contributed to its lasting popularity, for sure. However, the extensive customization options also deserve a special mention in this context.  The skins in particular seem alluring to a majority of Fortnite players.

The Top Cute Looking Skins In Fortnite

The variety of character skins in Fortnite can leave you dazzled and you may find it hard to pick one over another. There are both weird and scary looking skins and there are some absolutely cute looking skins too! If you prefer cute look than scary, here are the best choices.


This was unveiled along with the game’s season 8 battle pass. The skin is like banana peel and it has limbs and face too! The fruity look is just too adorable. However, not every player can pick this skin.

Lil Whip

Made to resemble a delicious looking ice cream cone, it has an ice cream swirl on top.  His ice cream sandwich glider and popsicle pickaxe are also cute looking.  The skin is detailed and has sprinkles too.


This skin is based on a Christmas elf. It is kind of a seasonal skin but the appeal is hard to resist. You can pick it up in the next Christmas.

Vendetta Stage 1

This skin gets you enchanting green eyes and gray, tussled hair. The hoodie wrapping his hands lends a certain charisma. You also get a lot of customization choices after picking this skin.

P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader

This skin is absolutely cute but it is also among the pricey ones. If you can afford it, you should try it once.


If a contest is held to choose the cutest Fortnite skin, Zoey may win it hands down! The adorable green pigtails along with a shoulder less hoodie adds to her oomph. A lollipop pickaxe adds to the cuteness factor.


Onesie is a skin with onesie pajama suit and cute googly eyes. The female skin is nice and addition of a male counterpart would be great.


It is a large sock monkey skin with an adorable tail. It shows up in the game’s item shop intermittently. If you love stuffed animal type skins, this one is just right.


Based on a member of the famous K-Pop band, it is a popular skin. However, only a handful of fans could get this skin as it could be unlocked after buying a Galaxy S10 phone. The skin has a nice-looking hoodie.

Wooley Warrior

This skin was offered free in Christmas 2019 first. Based on Wooley mammoth it is actually a woman donning stuffed animal suit. It is no wonder that the skin has become a favorite with the players.