Samsung & Xiaomi Launch World’s First 108MP Smartphone Camera


When it comes to choosing a smartphone today, most people look for three things: a sexy design, good storage and processing power, and a great camera that will allow them to put up flawless shots to Instagram.

Recent innovations in smartphone cameras have led to a surge in the use of 48MP cameras among the top flagship smartphones. That being said, the iPhone XS still uses a 12MP main camera – as does the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Even though Samsung isn’t including the very best cameras into their latest smartphones, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t developing them behind the scenes. It’s worth noting here that a camera’s quality isn’t just dictated by megapixels – it also depends on the hardware and software that the smartphone possesses and how this works together when using the camera.

For example, Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone uses a single-lens 12MP camera, yet it’s widely considered to be the best smartphone camera on the market thanks to Google’s intuitive AI software that learns from your photos and creates the best final result possible.

Samsung on a MP mission                    

In collaboration with Xiaomi Corp., Samsung has created the world’s most powerful smartphone camera to date: the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX 108MP camera. It’s enough megapixels to rival a DSLR camera and it takes up a pretty whopping 1/1.33-inches of space on the back of a phone.

It’s also important to note that it hasn’t actually been used on a phone yet – they’ve just developed the camera. But it’s very likely that the Korean conglomerate will be eager to drop the new mega-camera on one of its new releases in the coming years.

The 108MP master-camera breaks the record of being the world’s most powerful smartphone camera – this would surely make for a grand selling point on any new Samsung or Xiaomi smartphone. The former of those two companies has indeed shied away from using high MP cameras in its recent phones. A jump from 12MP to 108MP would be pretty extreme, but it could happen.

Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX 108MP

The ISOCELL Bright HMX camera will be able to capture images in stunning resolution, with more than 100 million pixels giving each photo immense detail – even when you zoom in. Thanks to the sensor’s 1.33-inch size, it can absorb much more light than the average smartphone camera, meaning that it can take decent photos even in low-light conditions.

The ISOCELL Bright HMX also sports an automatic smart ISO feature that changes the camera’s ISO settings according to the level of light in the room. It’ll choose a low ISO in light environments, and a higher one in dark settings to ensure that you’re always taking the best possible photographs with vivid colors and the right amount of saturation. This ensures that your photos don’t come out over-saturated or off-color. It’s smart integration like this that allows a smartphone camera to really push into new frontiers and capture shots that could be put on display next to those taken by a DSLR.

What’s more, the camera makes use of Tetracell technology, alongside ISOCELL Plus from Samsung. This allows the pixels to imitate bigger pixels and places a barrier between them so that they retain more color and thus come out at a higher quality.

We have no doubt that the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX 108MP camera will be an industry leader that will push smartphone camera shooting abilities into a completely new frontier.

Samsung sharing the load

Samsung are known to sell their technology to other major phone manufacturers. In fact, their OLED screens are used by most major flagship smartphones – including the latest iPhones. This is in large part how Samsung make their money – by selling mobile components to their competition. We have no doubt that Samsung will be selling the ISOCELL Bright HMX camera to the competition in due course.

Even though the Korean company’s share of the mobile market has been in decline in recent years, the company can still expect to make a handsome profit from its dealings with other major manufacturers.

In Europe, Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, and OPPO are starting to eat up an ever-larger amount of the smartphone market. In China, Samsung have been reduced from being the single largest supplier of smartphones to owning just 1% of the market. This was largely due to cheaper local brands springing up, but also due to various technical failures on Samsung’s part and a political dispute between Beijing and Seoul.

But while Samsung might currently be losing out on market share, there remains no doubt that they are the best Android smartphone manufacturer around. New technologies like the ISOCELL Bright HMX will only further solidify their position.

The wrap-up

World firsts in technology are always interesting. No one can help getting a little bit excited when a company releases a new technology that has never been seen before and we feel that way with the new 108MP camera that Samsung have made in collaboration with Xiaomi Corp.

It’s also important to note the cooperation between the Korean conglomerate and the rising Chinese firm. This isn’t something that happens every day and it’s interesting to see that Samsung is now taking Chinese competition seriously enough to work alongside them in developing new top-of-the-range products.

Whether we’ll see this camera introduced in the near future remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Samsung is not sitting around with their feet up waiting for the competition to eat up their market share. New and explosive (hopefully not literally this time) innovations from Samsung will surely keep them in the top spot as the world’s premiere manufacturer of Android smartphones.