Samsung Galaxy S11 to Launch in February – 108MP Camera to Come



Samsung has started talking about their next flagship, the S11, and we’re hearing that it will have a much bigger screen and a whopping 108MP camera.

Samsung doesn’t rest for long – if ever – and it seems that they’ve been very busy these last few months. Having just released the Galaxy Fold and the Note 10, the Korean smartphone maker is already hinting at the launch of its latest flagship next February.

The Galaxy S11 is an upgrade to the S10 and S10 Plus that dominated the ‘best phone of 2019’ articles for the better part of the year. This new flagship is set to do a lot more than simply make upgrades to its predecessor. What we’ve heard so far hints at a full-blown revolution in the works.

The S10 was certainly one of the most beautiful smartphones we’ve seen, and the S11 will no doubt raise the bar even higher, in both design and internal specs. But the main thing that’s got us excited are the rumors of a whopping 108MP main sensor being thrown into the rear camera setup.

Samsung pushing boundaries

Samsung aren’t exactly strangers to pushing the boat out when it comes to smartphones, but a 108MP camera is a vast upgrade to the 16MP main snapper that the S10 Plus featured. The company clearly wants to send a message to those pesky Chinese companies: Samsung is top dog in the world of Android.

Other companies have already started talking about phones that will feature a 108MP camera – most off all is the Chinese budget smartphone maker Xiaomi, who’s upcoming Mi Note 10 is anything but a budget device. Other companies are likely to join the trend, and while Samsung has been happy to sit out of the 48MP club during 2019, it seems that 108MP is far too much of a lead over their phones for the company’s liking.

The camera isn’t the only thing that Samsung is ramping up, either. While Apple has decided to scale the iPhone 11 down a bit, Samsung is doing the opposite and instead is going for ‘bigger is better’ with a 6.9-inch display. This kind of size screen will make the Galaxy S11 one of the biggest smartphones on the market.

108MP camera

Samsung has already announced that they have this hardware, and there has been mention of 108MP mode in the new Samsung camera app, which appears to suggest beyond reasonable doubt that this is what’s in stock for the S11, as well as future Galaxy smartphones. It would be a welcome upgrade, considering most flagships right now are sticking to 12MP and 16MP snappers. Obviously, it would ramp up the price of the phone somewhat.

So far, only Xiaomi has officially included this size sensor in a phone, but other Chinese smartphone makers will likely follow suit in short time. It’s becoming increasingly common for Chinese companies to include large sensors and mind-blowing specs in their mid-range, and even budget, devices in an effort to make them stand out in the increasingly dense Android market. The big players like Samsung, Google, and Apple have shied away from doing this so far. Not anymore, it seems.

5G ready

On top of including groundbreaking camera hardware in the upcoming Galaxy S11, Samsung is reportedly also going to make the phone 5G compatible. This is a big move, especially considering the big 5G rollout is currently underway across most developed countries. The process is quite slow so far, and in the US only a few major cities have 5G so far, but going into 2020 we can expect this process to gain more momentum.

Having a phone that is 5G ready will allow you to walk into the future with confidence, knowing that your phone is ready to connect to the world’s fastest mobile internet and take advantage of the huge changes that will eventually take place as a result of 5G becoming the norm.

It’s likely that only the best of the S11 phones will have 5G support as standard, while the others might have the option to upgrade to 5G. Upgrading to 5G is still a pricey option, although the price of 5G support will very likely go down in the near future when the technology is more widely implemented.

Bigger screen size

While the Galaxy S10 opted for 5.8 and 6.4-inch screens, the S11 range will supposedly choose 6.4, 6.7, and 6.9-inch screens, making it one hell of a phone to contend with. Smartphones have been getting progressively bigger over the years, although it sort of seemed like that trend was going to reverse, as many users can’t even use the bigger phones thanks to their smaller hands.

Samsung apparently has faith in people to get used to the bigger screen and is opting to make the S11 a true ‘phablet’. This does make the phone better for viewing and gaming, although it can be quite inconvenient when it comes to everyday use and storage of the device.

Face unlock?

Whether the Galaxy S11 will have face unlocking will largely depend on whether they choose to use one of these under-screen selfie cameras that everyone is talking about, but no one has used yet. If this is the case, then it’s unlikely the phone will also have face unlocking, but it would mean that there would be no notch or punch-hole for the selfie cam. That being said, the front-facing camera on the S10 was certainly one of the more stylish ones that we’ve seen, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing if Samsung stuck with this formula for the S11.

The wrap-up

It’s still early days, and we haven’t had official announcements from Samsung yet, but there has been talk under the radar. We’ll have to wait and see when it gets closer to February and the design leaks start coming out. We think that the S11 could be a groundbreaking device from Samsung and set the stage for the company’s development in 2020.