Review: Steelseries Sensei Ten – A Decade-Old Design That Can Handle Modern Games 


There’s no denying that technology favors the right-handed gamers! Forget the bias because Sensei Ten comes with an ambidextrous design for both right-handed and left-handed gamers with absolutely no compromise on comfort and gaming performance. SteelSeries – The Denmark-based professional gaming gear comes in an iconic shape with an all-new TrueMove Pro sensor that works perfectly on any surface.  It provides guaranteed crisp and consistent 60 million clicks. Tilt tracking and hyper durable build make it intense and protect from wear and tear. 

Quick Pros of SteelSeries Sensei Ten 

  • Excellent Grip 
  • Amazing TrueMove Pro Sensor 
  • Amazing Performance 
  • Sensible Software 
  • Excellent Profile Storage 
  • Classic Design  
  • Suitable for Both Lefties and Righties 


  • Old-fashioned 
  • Non-detachable cable 
  • Over the budget for the features 
  • Sensei Ten – A trip down the memory lane? 


Sensei Ten is an exact replica of the original Sensei shape but it comes with the newest flagship sensor. The shape is a bit enhanced, sleek, and gentle. The curves give a better place for your thumb and ring finger to rest. Reaching the scroll wheel is more comfortable and easier. It offers up to 18,000 CPI and has a maximum tracking speed of up to 450 IPS and other improvements like 60 million clicks, prism RGB lighting, and customizable software. The soft-touch matte finish is the additional and super comfortable option that gives you the sophistication you need.  

Weight & Dimension 

SteelSeries have balanced the weight of Sensei Ten. This lightweight mouse weighs 92 grams. The dimensions are 5 X 2.7 X 1.5 inches. This medium-sized mouse offers all the comfort you need.  


It is one of the competitive gaming mice you’ll find in the market. Don’t get carried away by its rivals because Sensei ten is also about speed. The design prioritizes speed as their USP. The TrueMove Pro optical sensor tracks movements effectively measuring up to 18,000 DPI at 1,000-HZ per millisecond. The gravitational force of this device is set at 50G which is highly efficient for the price and purpose. The product is highly durable and SteelSeries claims that the device can survive 60 million clicks. 


The product comes with Free MacOS and Windows10 app. The software is highly customizable. You can change the buttons, adjust the RGB lighting, choose a CPU speed between 50 and 18,000. You can also set the acceleration and deceleration. Though medium-gamers wouldn’t mind changing the settings, you need to know that competitor gamers do have an option of customization.  


The TrueMove Pro optical sensor is one of the best sensors in the market. It performances are as smooth as possible. It allows you to store the button profiles, color options on the mouse itself. You just have to plug it in and get going with the settings.  


Sensei Ten comes with the best features that can do more than a few tasks. It retains the classic design with additional features. Minor changes and the price can be a little tricky. However, the enhanced matte finish and satisfying button profiles make it the best mouse with killer features and performance.