Minecraft’s Most Notable Builds


Some people who have not explored Minecraft’s virtual universe have no idea about how fascinating the game is. They think it is a blocky looking game with dated visuals and limited activity options. If you want to understand what Minecraft can offer you, explore some of its builds. These impressive builds, created by people with great imaginative power, take the gameplay to a new height.

Listed here are some of the most notable Minecraft builds:

A Lunar Dream

Developed by Everbloom Studios, this build is deeply inspired by astrology concepts. A dose of mythology has also been used in it. The developers think the magical place is like heaven. Everbloom Studios is known for its talented builders and they are official Minecraft partners too.

Deep Sea

BlockWorks , known as a top Minecraft build team was set up in 2013 and since then it have grown. They design for high profile clients like Dell, Warner Brother, Verizon, and Disney, etc. They are liked by the architecture students as well.


Lost in Thought- Made by Pandora’s Blocks, it was the brainchild of 10 individuals. They gave shape to a whimsical looking forest.

A Magical Night

Made by The Voxel Box it is a fairytale looking build that enchants the viewer immediately. Upon release, it was praised by all quarters. It may resemble straight lifted out of Disneyland.


New Heaven- Aranos made this amazing build of Minecraft in 2018. It is like a group of islands where time flows in a weird manner. The details are absolutely splendid.

A Futuristic Past

Made by Will Loader, this nightmarish yet stunning build leaves the viewers spellbound. It was made in 28 days and almost 9 million blocks were deployed.


Made by ShapeScape, it has roots in as many as 18 countries. In fact, ShapeScape is a partner of Minecraft. They generate content for Minecraft Marketplace exclusively.

The City of Adamantis

Adamantis, thought to be the City of the Gods, was the creation of a single user. The creator was just a regular Minecraft user with serious creative prowess.

Macabre Infestation

Athion created Macabre Infestation and it is one of the notable builds ever made. This build was made by 5 persons in just 3 days. The atmosphere of horror depicted in it makes the viewers awestruck.

The Spires of Lyceum

Forge Gaming made this amazing looking build. The team is not active anymore but the beauty of their creation is appreciated to date.