How To Fix An Overheated iPhone or iPad




Summary – More often than not you have come across overgeated iPhone and iPad. Here is how you can fix this nagging issue.                                                   


The iPhone is regarded as the standard in the premium Smartphone segment and after any iteration of the device- a set of rivals release their devices copying its best features. The iPhone lineup is noted for amazing imaging prowess, smooth performance, and brilliant display quality. However, the reality is iPhone- like all gadgets can be subjected to some limitations-related to usage and real-life situations. It’s not uncommon to see iPhone users grudging abut device overheating. This is something iPad users have also faced. However, the good thing is fixing the iPhone or iPad overheating is not tough.


When your iPhone can get overheated?


The Apple iPhone is designed to work optimally between the temperature range- 32° to 95° Fahrenheit. It is important to understand why the device can get overly hot.


There are three reasons for which an iPad or iPhone can get uncomfortably hot to handle!

  • The CPU is overtly taxed- The Bionic CPU used in the iPhone is said to be very efficient. However, it may get overtly stressed sometimes and that can lead to overheating. If you keep on shooting 4k video for a long time or play a demanding game at maxed-out settings for a long time- the CPU will get taxed. The aluminum outer shell is another reason why the heat cannot dissipate easily.
  • The temperature is hot- If you keep using the iPhone in an unusually hot location- definitely it will act up. If it is exposed to heat sources or sunlight for a long time- device overheating is only natural. Evade keeping it on the vehicle dashboard as well.
  • The battery is worn out- The battery in an iPhone also has a lifespan. Its lifespan depends on the usage pattern as well. If the battery is about to fail and reaching the end of its lifespan, that can lead to overheating too. Sometimes, using certain resource-hungry apps may tax the worn-out battery-leading to a hot device.

How to stop the iPad or iPhone from overheating


If you find your iPhone or iPad is getting overtly hot quite a lot- it is important to check for a few factors. If these are detected and resolved- the device overheating issue is usually resolved.


  • If you are running a lot of apps at the same time, the device may get hot. This will not occur if you do so for a few minutes but if the apps keep running at the background for hours, overheating is likely.
  • Sometimes, you can get rid of the overheating issue by upgrading to a new version of the iOS. Typically, Apple users are informed when an iOS update is available.
  • In some cases, keeping GPS enabled can make the device hot. Again, it will not be a problem if you use GPS for some minutes normally. However, GPS kept on at all times can stress the battery and that can lead to overheating of the device.
  • If you find the device getting too hot when charging, check if the cable or adapter is acting up. Sometimes, getting a new charger may resolve the overheating menace.
  • If you keep wifi and Bluetooth on at all times, your iPhone will look for compatible hotspots and devices around everywhere. This will stress the battery and may lead to overheating.


The final step to take


At times, you may find that doing all these cannot stop the overheating issues in the iPhone. This is quite rare but if it happens, the best option is taking your device to Apple repair center. If you are covered by Apple Care, the wallet will not be taxed.