Fortnite Is Expected to Get Some Visual Upgrade!


There is a good news for all the die – hard fans of Fortnite Battle Royale! Fortnite is all set to release on Xbox as well as on PS 5 as it is getting a massive visual update!

According to a recent announcement made by Epic, Fortnite is all set to release on Xbox and PS5. The best thing about this upgrade is the huge impact that it will have on the visuals. The new rolled out versions will be far superior to its previous versions in terms of both performance as well as the overall user experience. Although the exact specifications are not out of the bag yet, it has been announced that the latest versions will be fully optimised so that they can make fully take advantage of the hardware and features.

Moreover, if you make use of the latest technology and use the next – generation consoles, you’ll see the difference in the visuals as on such devices the resolution and frame-rate would be much higher than others. This means that the new version will completely change the game. As a player, you will be exposed to better graphics, which in turn will affect your performance in the game.

All set to release in the end of the year 2020, fans all around the world can hardly contain their excitement. All that is left to do is wait for the launch and enjoy our favourite game in its best version ever!