Fortnite Is Basking In Glory With 350 Million Players Worldwide


Ever since Epic released Fortnight, the Battle Royale Game captured the fancy of the gamers. It has posed a challenge to the reign of PUBG and fan base of Fortnite keeps growing with time. Now, the game has reached a new milestone. The game developer recently announced that its player base has reached a staggering 350 million. This catapults Fortnite to the league of some of the most sought after games ever made. The daily figure of players logging in to play Fortnite is not available. However, Epic games said in April the players logged approx 3.2 billion hours.

In March 2019, the officially unveiled player count stat was 250 million and by that record, the new feat is not exactly incredible. Even after 2.5 years of release, the game keeps growing. However, it is partly owing to the fact the developers are making it available to newer platforms and devices. Epic keeps on updating the game and adding new elements and time limited promotions. Beyond doubt, these help in keeping the players glued.

Of late, the developers augmented a social space named party royale to the game. It enables the players to take part in non violent virtual activities and chilling out with the other players. Recently, the developers also announced the game is going to be made available on upcoming consoles like Xbox Series X and Sony PS5. This can also be another reason for the surge in player number in recent times. However, it is unknown if the next gen consoles will still support cross-play with those using older devices.