Finding a Ground-Type in Pokémon GO 



In Pokemon Go, finding the different types of virtual monsters is what makes the players thrilled. To catch the various types of Pokemons, you need to know their strength and weaknesses and have apt strategies. The same can be said about the ground type pokemon 

They hold well against Steel, Poison, Rock, Electric, Fire types. However, catching the ground Pokemons may not be easy. You may have to search a bit more than what you need to catch Flying and Normal ones. There are many variants of ground type pokemon and 10 new were added in the new Pokemon Go update. Two Groundtype Pokemons are seen in the wilderness- Gible, and Hippopotas 

The ground type pokemon are typically found in regions like parks, mountainous regions, and deserts. These pokemon are also seen in the grasscovered areas. While the ground types are not made up of metal using Magnetic Lures help in catching their attention. The ground types tend to be weak against the water, grass, and Ice types. This is what you need to remember if you have trouble catching a ground type in the Sinnoh Throwback Event. The Ground types do not spawn at any specific time, unlike the ghost types.