Final Fantasy 9 Mod Looks Stunning As Ever 


Final Fantasy 9 is massively popular but now a fancreated mod has made it look even more stunning- at least visually. The PS1 JRPG gets a total overhaul through the Moguri Mod for the game’s steam version. You will now experience smoother textures, cleaner backgrounds, higher resolution, and get many more goodies. This may prompt many Final Fantasy fans to try the game once more. As of now, the players using only the game’s Steam version will be able to use the mod. The PS4 and Xbox One users are out of luck.  

Incidentally, the official Steam version of Final Fantasy 9 was unveiled back in 2016. The Moguri Mod deploys a mix of hand-made tweaks and deep-learning algorithms to create stunning visual effects. Those who have played the original game should try this mod to spot the difference. The mod fixes nearly all visual glitches in the game, say those who have tried it already. The rendering is crisp yet fluid and there is no muddy blur effect anymore. The moder deserves applauds as the work he has done is exhaustive. Over 7000 assets had to be updated for this. The mod is now available for download as well.