Apple TV Plus – Not Bad, But Not a Show Stopper Either



With so many streaming services getting in to the game right now, Apple was always going to throw their hat into the ring. But Apple TV Plus is… a little lacking.

Netflix couldn’t seriously be expected to dominate the streaming market forever, could they? And while tens of millions of people are still loyal to the original players in the streaming game, newcomers like Amazon and Disney are already taking their fair share of the market in what’s likely to be the beginning of a whole new era of competition in the streaming market.

The great thing about this is that it means all these companies will be collectively pouring billions of dollars into new TV shows and movies. Amazon has already poured money into what is being coined as the most expensive TV series ever made – this is a Lord of the Rings themed show that is due to launch sometime in the next couple of years. They also took over the Expanse after Netflix and Sci-Fi dropped it.

Apple’s entry into this market can pretty much be seen as a classic case of FOMO (fear of missing out). This is fair enough, seeing as they are one of the world’s biggest companies and it’s only practical that they spread their wings into all the available entertainment and tech spaces on the market. Still, it seems that launching Apple TV Plus with such a limited selection of heavy-hitting shows was just poorly thought through.

Apple TV Plus – still in the making

If you have access to the Apple TV app, then you can easily get access to Apple TV Plus. It’s actually within the existing app, although this can get a bit confusing because Apple hasn’t included a dedicated tab for it yet. This seems a little weird, but it could be because there isn’t a lot of content on Apple TV Plus as of yet, and so the company wanted to cover this up by not listing it all for everyone to see how limited it currently is.

No doubt a lot more content will emerge in Apple TV Plus in the coming months and years, but right now it’s hardly anything to shout about. With the competition making massive Blockbusters and sought-after TV shows, Apple will have to play catch-up in the field of producing their own content. For the time being, you’ll sort of have to sift through the current stuff on Apple TV to find Apple’s own productions.

It’s a little annoying for many people that so many streaming services are now popping up and making their own content. You need Disney for one thing; Netflix for another, Amazon Prime for a third, HBO for something else, and now Apple TV Plus for their content. Someone should really come out with a service that combines all of these under one umbrella – although, that would be such a threat to all of these companies that there is no way they’d allow anyone to do it.

With the amount of cash at Apple’s disposal, we can expect some cool seasons and movies to come from the trillion dollar company in the coming time, but for now, you might want to keep your Netflix subscription as well…

How can I use Apple TV Plus?

If you want to use Apple TV Plus, then all you need is to access the Apple TV app, which you can have if you own any device running off of the iOS ecosystem. That means that if you have an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac, then you can easily get access to it.

On top of this, the Apple TV app is readily available on all Samsung TVs from 2018/2019, as well as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Roku TV streaming services. It’s only $5 per month, or $50 for a year subscription. This is cheap, especially for an Apple product, although it is certainly a reflection of the content available (or lack of it).

Apple TV Plus content so far

Apple is not going to beat Netflix, Amazon, HBO, or Disney with regard to content available in its library. Quite simply, the content is pretty whack and there isn’t enough to keep you subscribed past the seven-day free trial.

So far, the Apple TV Plus ecosystem has some crushers like Sesame Street spin-off Helpsters, a teenage fantasy show called Ghostwriters, and a drama about NASA called For All Mankind (probably the only thing on the list that’s going to interest anyone over the age of 13). As you can tell, the list isn’t exactly jaw-dropping and probably isn’t worth your $50 at this stage.

This shouldn’t be the end of your judgment, though. Apple has billions of dollars to pour into new projects, so no doubt we’ll see better content coming out soon enough. For the time being, though, you’ll have to make do with the current lineup of mediocre titles on offer (or just wait for a couple of years while Apple makes content you’d actually pay to watch).

The wrap-up

Don’t be fooled, this is still a big moment and really could be the quiet before the storm. It’s the second time that Apple have made a major move into the entertainment space (the first being Apple Music, which was inevitable considering the company leaped to prominence with the iPod).

Now that Apple is actively moving more into the entertainment industry, the company can hope to diversify its income away from hardware, which has taken a toll on the company in recent years as their global share of the market is rocked by cheaper – mostly Chinese – competition that is becoming increasingly threatening.

Overall, Apple TV Plus probably isn’t really worth buying right now, but it likely will be in a couple of years’ time when they’ve had the chance to flesh it out a bit more. This launch has been a quiet one and no doubt the company wants to slowly make Apple TV a household name in the coming years.